Tri Peaks Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 1;
  • Difficulty: Very Easy/Easy;
  • Game time: Fast;
  • Probability of winning: 70% (clear sky) and 40% (fog);
  • Type: Skill/Luck;


To move cards to the waste pile.

The game

  • Located in the lower left corner;
  • Click on it to place a card on top of the discard;
  • You can only use cards from the stock once.
  • It is next to the stock;
  • The top card is the one that must be combined with a chosen card from the pile;
  • Only the top (rightmost) card is considered.
  • They are made up of 28 cards, in three overlapping peaks;
  • Only free cards (have no other card on top) can be used;
  • In "fog" mode, the game starts with only 10 cards face up.


Use the "New Game" button to choose between two variations: Fog and Clear Sky.


Clear Sky


Other Information

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