Aces Up Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 1;
  • Difficulty: Difficult;
  • Game time: Fast;
  • Probability of winning: 5%;
  • Type: Luck;


The objective of the game is to remove all cards from the game except for the four aces.

The Game

  • The stock is located at the top left corner of the game board;
  • To deal one card to each pile, click on the stock.
  • There is only one foundation, located in the right corner of the game board;
  • Removed cards are moved to the foundation and cannot be used again.
  • There are four piles;
  • Only the top card of each pile can be used or moved;
  • Empty spaces can be filled with any card.


Since this game is much more about luck than skill, there aren't many hints on how to beat it. Still, here are some tips:


As with other solitaire games, there are variations of Solitary Aces as well. In an easier variation, it is possible to remove a card if it is directly below another card of the same suit and of higher value.

There are also variations that make the game even more difficult. In one of them, the only cards that can be moved to the empty piles are aces. This makes the game almost unwinnable.

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