Game info

  • Decks: 1;
  • Difficulty: Easy;
  • Game time: Medium;
  • Type: Skill;


Move all cards to the foundations.

The game

  • There are 4 foundations (top right);
  • To be built up in suit from Ace to King.
  • There are 4 cells (upper left corner);
  • Empty cells are used as temporary spaces for making pile moves and for strategic plays.
  • The game has 8 foundations (bottom part);
  • The cards in the piles must be arranged in descending sequence and with alternating colors;
  • You can move a set of cards as long as they are in sequence and there are empty cells and/or empty spaces to perform the move;
  • Empty piles can be occupied by any card or set of cards in descending order and with alternating colors.


Games by Difficulty

An interesting fact about FreeCell is that only a few games have no solution. Thus, you will only be stuck in a game if you adopt a bad strategy. The following numbers were taken from the website FreeCell solutions.

Very Easy Games

The following puzzles are extremely easy, so you won't have to think too hard to solve them: #25904, #5152, #11987, #13464, #9998, #62090, #1529, #38168, #41426, and # 41993.

Easy Games

Here are some easy games: #164, #892, #1012, #1081, #1150, #1529, #2508, #32016, #33624, #33710, #33949, #34898, and #37509.

Difficult Games

If you want a challenge, here's a list of games that necessarily use all empty cells: #169, #178, #285, #454, #575, #598, #617, #657, #775, #32123, #32379, #32469, #32483, #32549 and #32687.

History of FreeCell

FreeCell emerged from a variation of the game Baker's Game (not to be confused with the game Baker's Dozen, Baker's Dozen). In Baker's Game the cards must be organized in descending order and with the same suit, while in FreeCell the cards are organized in descending order and with alternating colors.

The game became famous when it was included in Windows 95 and kept in later versions of Microsoft's operating system, being removed in Windows 8. In Windows XP, the game was modified to present a total of 1 million different card distributions (different games).

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