Penguin Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 1;
  • Difficulty: Easy;
  • Game time: Medium;
  • Probability of winning:: 90%;
  • Type: Skill;


To move all the cards to the foundations.

The game

  • There are 7 piles that must be used to move the cards;
  • Cards must be build down in suit;
  • You can move a set of cards as long as they are in valid sequence and there are enough empty cells to perform the card-by-card move;
  • Empty spaces can be filled only by cards one rank below the base card of the foundations;
  • A King can be placed after an Ace.
  • The 7 cells can be occupied by any card;
  • They are used to store cards temporarily.
  • Three of the 4 foundations already start with a card;
  • Build up in suit from the rank;
  • Aces goes after Kings.

Understanding Penguin Solitaire

When dealing cards, the first one is placed on the first pile. This is the "base card". Soon after, the other three cards of the same number are removed from the deck and placed in the first three Foundations.

This way, the base card always starts hidden behind 6 other cards in the first pile. You need to unlock this card in order to complete the Foundations.

Piles, when free, only accept a card or pile of cards starting with a card of a lower number than the base card. For example, if the base card is a 5, the piles must start with a 4.


About Penguin Solitaire

Penguin Solitaire was created by David Parlett and was featured in the book "Penguin Book of Patience".

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