Spider Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 8 (1 suit), 4 (2 suits) and 2 (4 suits);
  • Difficulty level: Easy (1 suit), Medium (2 suits) and Very Hard (4 suits);
  • Game time: Quick (1 suit) and Long (2 and 4 suits);
  • Type: Skill;


The objective of Spider Solitaire is to create 8 sequences of cards of the same suit arranged in descending order, starting from King to Ace. The game is won when all the cards have been successfully removed from the table.

The Game

  • The game has 8 foundations located in the upper right corner;
  • Each foundation automatically receives a full stack of cards in ascending order, starting from Ace to King, with the same suit.
  • The stock is located in the upper left corner;
  • Deals one card on each of the 10 piles;
  • All piles must have at least one card before dealing.
  • The game has 10 piles located at the bottom of the table;
  • Cards must be sorted in descending order, regardless of the suit;
  • You can only move a group of cards if they are arranged in descending order and with the same suit;
  • An empty space can be occupied by any card or group of cards in descending order and with the same suit.

Removing a Full Stack (King to Ace)

  • Once a sequence of 13 cards is arranged in ascending order and with the same suit, it will be automatically removed from the game and sent to the foundation.

Spider Solitaire Tips

Variations of Spider Solitaire

One Suit

Two Suits

Four Suits

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