Russian Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 1;
  • Difficulty: Difficult;
  • Game time: Fast;
  • Probability of winning:: 5%;
  • Type: Skill;


Move all cards to the foundations on the right.

The game

  • There are 4 foundations (right side);
  • Build up in suit from Ace to King.
  • There are 7 piles in total;
  • Piles must be built down in suit;
  • You can move any set of cards, regardless of whether they are sorted or not;
  • Empty stacks can only be occupied by Kings or sequences starting with King.


About Russian Solitaire

Russian Solitaire was created from Yukon Solitaire. The only difference is that in this game the cards in the piles must be arranged in descending order and following the same suit, while in Canadian Solitaire the piles must be ordered in descending order and in alternating colors. It is this small difference that makes this game so difficult and fast, as the most common thing is to run out of moves and have to start a new game.

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