Elevator Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 1;
  • Difficulty: Very difficult;
  • Game time: Fast;
  • Probability of winning: 1 in 50 (Elevator) and 1 in 40 (Panoramic Elevator);
  • Type: Luck;


The objective is to move all cards from the pyramid to the waste.

The game

  • It is located in the upper left corner;
  • Click to turn a card over in the waste;
  • Stock becomes unusable when it becomes empty.
  • Next to the waste;
  • Only the top card can be used.
  • It is formed by 28 cards, 7 of which are face down in "Elevator" mode;
  • In the "Panoramic Elevator", all the cards are turned over;
  • Only free cards, which do not have another overlay, can be used.


Use the "New Game" button to choose one of the game variations (Elevator or Panoramic Elevator).

Elevator (face down cards)

Panoramic Elevator (face up cards)


Other Information

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