Beetle Solitaire

Game info

  • Decks: 2;
  • Difficulty: Difficult;
  • Time: Time-consuming;
  • Probability of winning: 60%;
  • Type: Skill;


Group the cards in descending order and with the same suit (from King to Ace). The game ends when 8 of these groups are formed.

The game

  • There are 8 foundations (upper right corner);
  • Full piles (Ace to King, in ascending order and in the same suit) are automatically sent to them.
  • It is positioned in the upper left corner;
  • Deal one card on each of the 10 piles.
  • There are 10 piles in total (bottom);
  • Cards must be arranged in descending order, regardless of suit;
  • A group of cards can only be moved if the cards are in descending order and are of the same suit;
  • You can place any card or group of cards in an empty space.

Removing a full pile (King to Ace)

  • Once a sequence of 13 cards is formed in ascending order and with the same suit, this sequence will be automatically sent to a foundation.


About Beetle Solitaire

Beetle Solitaire is a variation of Spider Solitaire. The games are different due to two features that make this game easier than the original version. While in Spider Solitaire, at the beginning of the game, only the top cards of the piles appear face up, in Beetle Solitaire all the cards in the piles already appear face up.

Moreover, in Spider Solitaire it is only possible to deal cards from the stock if there are no empty piles. While this rule does not exist in this solitaire game.

In addition, unlike Spider Solitaire, where it is possible to choose the type of game (1 suit, 2 suits or 4 suits), in Beetle Solitaire this is fixed (4 suits), as the game would be very easy if it were possible play with 1 or 2 suits.

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